ALTERED: the new gastronomic space created by the food design studio We Crave

Modbar - 10.07.22

ALTERED is a gastronomic space created by the food design studio We Crave, located in Madrid, Spain.

The ALTERED concept is a synthesis between design, art and gastronomy, which arises from a collaboration with Modbar & Nomad Coffee. The project, offers an informal, innovative and differentiating gastronomic proposal. Its menu consists of dishes made with quality products with lively, pure and intense flavors.

ALTERED by We Crave is born with the aim of providing a unique sensory experience, surprising the diner with dishes capable of generating emotions and memories, and that stand out for the exquisiteness of the ingredients used in them, being cooked using haute cuisine techniques, achieving unexpected connections. Its dishes are inspired by art, with a refined and minimalist style, and have been created with a chromatic game in mind that seeks to alter the perception of the dish itself.

The special role for coffee

ALTERED uses Nomad Coffee’s coffee, which  shares the same philosophy: honesty, spirit and excellence. This roaster, born in Poble Nou (Barcelona), constantly seeks to innovate and surprise with coffee origins. ALTERED offers coffees of known origins such as Colombia Chambaku or Brazil Brejetuba and more unknown ones such as China Kaku or Burundi Gahahe.

ALTERED by We Crave

Calle Conde de Xiquena, 12, Madrid.


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