Amidst the Tuscan hills, stands a worldclass hospitality and foodie retreat: “Le Tre Virtù”.

Modbar - 10.26.20

This time, we interviewed the mastermind behind a picturesque place in Tuscany – the estate called “Le Tre Virtù” – designed for wellbeing and fine-dining to explore more about the way they serve and treat their customers with quality food, coffee and experiences.

Le Tre Virtù estate (or tenuta in Italian) is a holiday luxury resort not far away from the world famous race circuit near Florence, Tuscany, which “detail makes the difference in Mugello’s Paradise”.
The location also plays host to a Michelin-starred restaurant claiming “an experimental way of cooking, based upon traditional dishes which will open doors to the local culture and produce”… where bread, pasta and desserts are homemade, from farm-to-table.

Learn more through this onsite interview we held with Valentina Sabatini… Enjoy!

1. What prompted you to open a restaurant?
I have always considered food as a moment for well-being, of conviviality and cultural exchange, and the fact of having such a location at our disposal has offered me the possibility of creating a place where this was possible.

2. How would you describe the brand?
The philosophy of Tenuta Le Tre Virtù and the Virtuoso Gourmet restaurant aims to enhance the territory and its excellent produce, inspired by three theological virtues: Faith (i.e. creating a relationship of trust with our Guests), Hope (not giving up but reaching those goals we have set for ourselves) and Charity (in the expression of love for what we do every day).

3. Describe the location / demographics of the area in which you opened. Why did you choose this area and what role did it play in your menu choice?
Mugello is still quite of an unknown territory to many, with an “unspoiled” countryside and with great potential for tourism given the wide choice of outdoor activities, high-level cultural sites and sports attractions, and the short distance from Florence. The Le Tre Virtù estate and its restaurant have perfectly fit into this context, renovating the old farmhouse and adjacent barn stables to become a classy retreat mirroring the authentic taste of Tuscan hospitality. The products used in the composition of the dishes on the menu of our Virtuoso Gourmet restaurant are exclusively local, eco-friendly, and of the highest quality. We also use crops from our organic garden and orchard.

4. What equipment do you use to make coffee? Why did you choose this equipment? what was the reaction of your customers?
The choice of Modbar for our Virtuoso Gourmet was dictated by both the high quality of the product and the originality of the machine’s design, which incredibly always amazes our customers.

5. Can you tell us about your coffee list and the parallelism with sweets?
We have selected 4 blends containing from 90 to 100% Arabica and with different organoleptic notes and acidity. Although we have not defined a real match with the desserts on our menu, we are able to suggest to our Guest the best choice also based on his or her personal taste. A peculiarity of our service is that the coffee is always accompanied by our Villore-chestnut-flour-based biscuit in Villore marked with the Virtuoso Gourmet logo.

6. Can you give us some information about your Chef and the Michelin star?
Our Executive Chef Antonello Sardi started off as a self-taught cook in several Florentine kitchens, and after a few years of experience around Florence, he embraced our project in early 2019 and moved to the Mugello area, where the Le Tre Virtù estate made the ideal context for him to design a formula and conquer a star in the 2020 Michelin Guide (Italy). His cuisine enhances the liaison with the territory and small producers, shining a light on exclusive and exquisite Tuscan raw materials.

7. What was your design style influenced by? And how does Modbar fit into your space?
Mine is a continuous search for unique pieces that can enrich our home and make it more welcoming and original. The particular design of Modbar fits in a pleasantly contrasting way, blending the rustic tone of the estate with a touch of modernity.