Cafe Case Study: Aume, Riga Latvia

Modbar - 02.11.22

This post is another in our Cafe Case Study series. We interview cafe owners to learn about the vision behind their space and then ask them a bit about the equipment they chose and why they made that decision.

Use these case studies as inspiration for your own cafe dreams or simply to get a behind-the-scenes look at some beautiful coffee spaces around the world.

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The Details:

Aume. Riga, Latvia. Founded by Katerina and Oleksii in 2019.

As told by them.

All photos courtesy of Vika Anisko

What made you want to open a cafe?

Aume is a Latvian bean to bar chocolate producer. We create chocolate from scratch. Made of sustainably sourced, single-origin cacao beans. As our business was growing, it was natural for us to take the next step in opening a cafe.  The chocolate world is very similar to the specialty coffee world. Our cafe also acts as a chocolate shop!

Good coffee and good chocolate is perfect combination. We use Rocket Bean specialty coffee, they are our long-term partner and biggest specialty coffee roaster in the Baltic’s.

How would you describe the brand of your cafe?

The Aume brand was created by Latvian marketing agency Raugs. The world Aume has strong Latvian roots, it’s an ancient word in the Latvian language meaning vigor, speed, uncontrollability.

Our Aume is fast, strong, energetic, rich in details, learned step by step. Also, unusual, sometimes mysterious, sometimes disarmingly direct, but always real. If you fall in love with Aume – it will most likely be for the rest of your life.

What equipment are you using to make coffee? Why did you choose this equipment?

We use the entire Modbar system, Espresso AV, Steam, and Pour-Over. A special thanks to King Coffee Service for providing this wonderful system.

We became the first cafe in Baltic’s to have a Modbar. Aume has a very special and sophisticated design, its main element is a natural stone bar counter. So Modbar was perfect both from the aesthetic design point and technical characteristics.

Describe your bar or customer flow. break this down for us. how did the equipment influence the flow? or vice versa?

Modbar is one of the central elements. Lots of clients haven’t seen it before, they get really excited with the set-up. Many of them also note that coffee tastes “different”, and delicious. Also, many of them like that there is no “barrier” between barista and guest. The equipment influences the flow positively for sure.

Describe the location/demographics of the area where you opened. Why did you choose this area?

Aume was opened in the Riga Art Nouveau district, Mednieku street 5.

Riga is proud of its magnificent heritage of Art Nouveau architecture. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list by virtue of the outstanding quality and quantity of Art Nouveau buildings, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The local community & main tourist routes made this district a perfect location for our shop.

What’s one thing that makes your cafe special?

Honestly, I think that due to our space constraints we do a really exceptional job putting out super high-quality drinks and food in a small space. It’s also really cool to share a space with so many different restaurants as well, you can grab whatever you’re feeling that day for lunch and your favorite coffee on the way out. Everybody wins!

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