Cafe Case Study: Mansión Society, Indianapolis Indiana USA

Modbar - 03.24.22

This post is another in our Cafe Case Study series. We interview cafe owners to learn about the vision behind their space and then ask them a bit about the equipment they chose and why they made that decision.

Use these case studies as inspiration for your own cafe dreams or simply to get a behind-the-scenes look at some beautiful coffee spaces around the world.

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The Details:

Mansión Society, Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Founded and owner by Zoraida Lezama and Ana Iezama.

As told by Ana Iezama, co-founder and co-owner.

What made you want to open a cafe?

A coffee shop has always been a long-shot dream until last year. I fell in love with coffee at 21, becoming a regular at a local coffee shop here in Indianapolis.

I would sit for hours on end and watch the flow of customers pour in while the baristas kept the flow of shots, pulling at a harmonious pace.

What began as a love and passion for coffee, turned into Mansion Society 8 years later.

How would you describe the brand of your cafe?

Immersed in Wes Anderson’s film, that’s the best way to describe the love, the detail, and the vintage vision we brought to life.

At Mansión Society we are building a brand that has a focus on quality craft coffee in a historic building with hundreds of years of history. Including some that may spook some away, the Central State Mansion was once a mental hospital.

Describe the location/demographics of the area where you opened. Why did you choose this area?

We’re located in what was once called the Historic Central State Mansion.

We have been countlessly named a hidden gem, as we’re tucked inside the lobby of what now has been repurposed into apartments. Being the perfect fit, we wanted a cozy, vintage, yet cool and Instagram-worthy feel. A must-share experience!

What equipment are you using to make coffee? Why did you choose this equipment?

For our coffee, we use our custom Modbar (Espresso EP & Steam)! We grind our Tinker beans on a vintage fully functional grinder.

Describe your bar or customer flow. break this down for us. how did the equipment influence the flow? or vice versa?

We wanted to use equipment that was long-lasting, top quality, and helped the Mansion team create a harmonious flow between grinding, measuring, pulling, and steaming.

Since we are a small cafe, our space is limited. Modbar had a heavy influence as it created the perfect option to have high-quality equipment that took a limited amount of counter space.

What’s one thing that makes your cafe special?

Our brand itself is unique to Indianapolis and holds years of history.

Mansión Society has a high focus on quality and presentation, making sure everything we do is different. We make all our syrups, concentrates, and sauces in-house.

As well as being a minority women-owned, Mansión Society is as close as you may ever get to sitting inside the Budapest hotel.

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