Cafe Case Study: The Artisan, Copenhagen Denmark

Modbar - 11.09.21

This post is another in our Cafe Case Study series. We interview cafe owners to learn about the vision behind their space and then ask them a bit about the equipment they chose and why they made that decision.

Use these case studies as inspiration for your own cafe dreams or simply to get a behind-the-scenes look at some beautiful coffee spaces around the world.

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The Details:

The Artisan. Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded by Jose Antonio Canseco and Kim Jeppesen. As told by them.

All photos courtesy of The Artisan.


What made you want to open a cafe?

Our passion for the coffee world. The motivation to create a space with attention to detail, good service, and to provide the best cup of coffee. Also, it’s the desire to bring together under one roof, the various processes of the coffee industry, from roasting green beans to making the final cup.

We want to share all of the steps involved in the roasting and brewing process with our customers, so they can learn and get introduced to the world of specialty coffee.

Lastly, our motivation is to give fair pay to farmers, direct trade of green coffee beans, and educate the world about Peruvian specialty coffee, which is not too well known.

How would you describe the brand of your cafe?

Caring for all the parties involved in the coffee value chain, from farmers all the way to end consumers; our customers.

Interested in sharing a coffee experience with each customer that comes into our cafe.

Attentive to detail and openness in discussing and/or implementing different ideas that reinforce our concept of providing the best coffee quality and experience to our customers.

What equipment are you using to make coffee? Why did you choose this equipment?

The equipment we use is as follows:

  • Three Aillio Bullet Roasters to roast our directly sourced beans from Peru, situated in the roasters room next to the coffee bar room.
  • Two Victoria Arduino Mythos one grinders and a Caedo E37SD, the Mythos grinders are used for espresso and the single-dose Caedo for pour-over coffee.
  • Looking at the bar, to the left, we have two Modbar espresso modules together with a Puq press tamper.
  • Continuing to the left there is a Modbar steam and at the right side of the grinders, there are two Modbar pour-over modules.

The Modbar espresso system is an essential part of our concept. We chose them as the main element of our 5-meter long bar counter, as they allow us to bring the customer closer to the coffee experience. They also provide us with the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation and complement all other elements on the bar.

The Modbar Pour-Over system makes great filtered coffee with consistency and within a reasonable time. Different from other cafes, where sometimes it takes an excessive amount of time to offer a filtered coffee. As with all Modbar products, it also allows the barista to have an opportunity to share the story of the coffee while brewing.

We chose the Aillio Bullet Roaster because they too allow us to share the roasting experience with customers without compromising quality.

Describe your bar or customer flow. break this down for us. how did the equipment influence the flow? or vice versa?

There are two doors from which the customers can access the cafe. One of them comes from a busy road and the other from the terrace in front of a calm sidewalk by the lake. The first door (from the road) faces a corner of the bar and the other door (from the terrace) faces the front middle part of the bar.

The equipment is a key in making customers feel comfortable when ordering from any side of the bar. It increases the interaction “areas” between customers and us. As they do not feel they need to go to the cashier and wait in line necessarily first.

Customers usually order from any point in the bar, since having the Modbar espresso modules allow for easier eye contact opportunity between us and the customers. Also, having such distinct equipment opens up the conversation around a piece of unique equipment by curious visitors.

After the orders have been taken, we usually re-direct them to the cashier area, so they can wait for their order in an orderly manner. Lastly, the filter coffee or pour-over station gives a natural and amicable customer flow, as it creates space for conversation while preparing the order.

Describe the location/demographics of the area where you opened. Why did you choose this area?

Our cafes location faces one of the lakes in Copenhagen, providing customers with peaceful energy. At the same time, it is also relatively close to the city center, so it is close to the buzz of the city as well.

The location was chosen due to its size, allowing our dream of a long bar counter to come alive. We could serve coffee, but also, more importantly to us, provide a space for conversation with customers. Anyone that has visited our cafe, knows that we implemented our vision and that this counter is a key element in our cafe.

Additionally, our location is so spacious that we are able to use the space by involving the customer in the roasting process. This is a unique element. They can come and learn how to roast with us and develop a personalized roast themselves. We have three different roasteries in the area.

Finally, our cafe has a beautiful terrace facing the lakes of Copenhagen, making it ideal for people wanting to relax with a cup of coffee while enjoying the view.

What’s one thing that makes your cafe special?

The coffee experience offered, which is created thanks to the combination of selected elements in our cafe.

Most importantly, the Modbar. It increases the interaction with customers without compromising quality and design. And also, the different sitting layouts we offer. Which is ideal for customers that want to work, as well as for others that would like to sit and chat with friends. Finally, the story and social responsibility element behind the coffee beans being sourced directly from its origin, the farmers, which adds value to the end product served here in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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