Chapeau Bistrot living up to its name

Modbar - 01.13.21

In November a new contemporary bistrot opened in the graceful North-Italian town of Bergamo, with the name “Chapeau Bistrot”. The place features a metropolitan 70s’ flair, with great attention to detail found in every object. The precious wood and marble counter itself is a centerpiece able to bring the viewer back in time, while reflecting a modern, urban tone, and drawing one’s eye from the bar and espresso-making technology to the lounge areas of the cafè.

Peeping out from the counter is Modbar, with seamlessly-fitting Espresso AV and Steam modules, installed to delight customers with local roasted coffee and milk-based beverages.
By encouraging conversation between barista and customers and active participation in the espresso extraction process, Modbar’s under-counter technology goes well with Chapeau Bistrot’s philosophy: to put the person at the center and offer them a space where they can spend their time in the maximum comfort.

A warm, welcoming, yet fresh, new hub is now a go-to spot in the city with an offering that ranges from coffee service to catering, from pastry to ice-cream delivery – all presented in an attractive and original way. It is really the case to say Chapeau (“hats off”)..!