Design Studio Gerdesmeyer Krohn x Modbar

Modbar - 10.04.23

The Design Studio Gerdesmeyer Krohn was founded by Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn in 2015 and specializes in product design as well as interior design. Today, the team of 10 develops object and kitchen designs as well as individual design solutions for national and international clients.

We interviewed them as special testimonials for Modbar, keep reading to learn more.

Why did you choose Modbar?

Modbar presents a captivating and innovative concept. In the realm of high-quality and specialty coffee, a common dilemma arises for gastronomers: where should the espresso machine be placed?

On one hand, they want their customers to witness the coffee-making process, but on the other hand, they don’t want the barista to have their back turned to the customers.

Modbar offers a sophisticated solution that addresses both of these preferences.

in the photo: Hermo HQ in Zurich

What are the features of Modbar that you like the most?

The standout feature of Modbar is its conceptual design, which eliminates the barrier between the barista and the customer. It seamlessly integrates into our bars and complements minimalistic interior designs, making it not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

What are the kind of clients you would suggest Modbar to?

I would recommend Modbar to a diverse range of businesses, including roasters, bakeries, restaurants, bars, and cafés, especially those committed to crafting exceptional coffee. Modbar is particularly well-suited for establishments looking to showcase the coffee-making process to their customers.

in the photo: Hermo HQ in Zurich

What were your clients feedback on Modbar?

Our clients have expressed their satisfaction with Modbar. They appreciate its unique design and the enhanced customer experience it offers.

in the photo: Hermo HQ in Zurich