Erica Mataro wins #modbarconnects

Modbar - 05.29.20

Last month we held a contest on Instagram, asking our followers to share an interaction they had with a customer, or favorite barista, the contest was called  #modbarconnects. One post was chosen, and we are lucky enough to share that story now. Erica Mataro lives in Kuwait and is currently working at Toby’s Estate. She recounts her story:

All photos courtesy of Erica

“My passion for coffee began when I started working here in Kuwait. I work at Toby’s Estate by the way. I was just actually here for some good work experience, Kuwait is known for its specialty coffee shops. I’ve been working as a barista for about 4 years. I will always be thankful to my mentors in Toby’s Estate because of their passion. They taught me everything from basics to the most advanced technics, that they attained from years of studying and experience. Their passion and enthusiasm become my own.

I met Modbar when our 5th branch opened,  the staff, including myself had no idea that Modbar was going to be installed there, so when the announcement came I was really excited. Luckily, I got transferred to the new branch! I am now working with Modbar for a little over a year and a half, and during my workday, I hear so many compliments about the Modbar. It’s very eye-catching and it’s a conversation piece! Most of our guests have never seen an espresso machine built in such a way. If I am not mistaken, there are about 4 coffee shops in Kuwait that have the Modbar and I feel lucky to be working in one of them.

 #modbarconnects winning photo

It’s so cool to have been chosen for #modbarconnects. The picture I submitted is of a father and child. Looking back at the picture, I remember the father being a regular customer. That was his first time bringing his daughter to our shop. I remember his daughter being curious about what my co-barista was doing. I told her that he was “drawing” in his father’s coffee. She got excited and insisted on watching my co-barista, but because our bar is so high for a child, I told the father to pick her up and let her watch the “drawing”.  She asked if she could try herself, and I told her she can have a try the next time she visited. I snapped the photo because it gave me so much pleasure seeing a child so interested in coffee, and having such an adorable look of curiosity.

For my customer Goodie Bag, it was difficult to make a choice of who I would gift it to, I have a lot of good customers! Most of them are coffee enthusiasts also and have become my friends. But Fatma is very special to me. She became my regular customer. She used to take videos of me while I made her coffee, pouring latte art for her lactose-free latte. That’s when we started talking more personally, she started going to our shop regularly every Friday. I learned that Fatma has her own brew bar at her home and she is very fond of coffee. We have a lot of things in common. Most of our conversations are about me advising her on how to perfectly brew a good at home. This gift will be perfect for her.”