FCSI whitepaper: Beyond the coffee shop

Modbar - 10.25.23

Supported by Modbar, FCSI’s special whitepaper outlines trends in coffee culture and explores how equipment can help to take the enjoyment beyond the coffee shop.


Coffee culture has evolved significantly in recent years – as an increasingly sophisticated customer demographic demands new experiences, manufacturers respond with equipment to match.

This new whitepaper from FCSI, the Food service consultants society international, explores recent trends and changes within coffee experiences with a specific focus on enjoying coffee outside the traditional coffee shop environment. Leading FCSI consultants share their thoughts on coffee culture in their local markets, from China to Lebanon, as coffee experts describe an ever evolving sector with increasingly advanced concepts and attractive equipment design that improve the customer experience.

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“I’ve seen coffee serving outlets being developed in several non-traditional venues recently – such as art galleries, luxury fashion brands outlets, beauty salons – where the coffee shop is considered part of the overall visitor experience. Having a coffee shop can create a symbiotic relationship, as it encourages longer visits. We have already completed the design [for a coffee pop-up] for an art gallery and for a luxury brands outlet. The challenge was to incorporate the new coffee counter within the existing interior design,” says George Haddad FCSI, owner and founder of Luminescenza in Lebanon.