FLUID is now open, “a coffee shop for the curious” in Florence Italy

Modbar - 05.13.22

“Le Piantagioni del Caffè and IDEA Food & Beverage have founded the coffee shop of the future: an innovative concept that is revolutionizing the barista-customer relationship to initiate more and more people into the world of premium quality coffee.”

FLUID has opened its doors this month, bringing the first coffee shop Modbar install to the city of Florence. FLUID is a collaborative project created by Le Piantagioni del Caffè, an infamous specialty coffee roaster in the Italian community. And IDEA Food & Beverage is a strategic marketing company that works with diverse sectors and brings a creative and artistic take on brand development.

“FLUID is a place of inclusion and openness, designed to meet the aspiration of Le Piantagioni del Caffè and IDEA Food & Beverage: to initiate curious people into the world of specialty coffees with a laid-back and friendly attitude in order to contribute to the evolution of this segment in Italy also and to develop a more sustainable supply chain consisting of higher quality coffee.” – FLUID team.

The cafè will have an extensive all-day menu, including traditional Italian sandwiches to themed salads from other countries. The counter spans 7 meters and is situated at the store entrance; the aim is to create no barriers, educate clientele, and offer an environment perfect for a study or work session.

People are the center of this project. At FLUID, they aim to create a comfortable and good work/life balance. “Employees are offered sustainable rotation schedules, doing away with split shifts, giving staff two consecutive days off, and establishing shifts with as fixed hours, baristas can organize their time off and allow them to work with peace of mind.”

“Embarking on this journey together was a natural choice,” explains Iacopo Bargoni, CEO of Le Piantagioni del Caffè and Specialty People SRL, “we are united by our values, before skills… We think that we can chart a new course with a fundamental shift in perspective: not by thinking about what we need, but what the customers we want to attract need, namely those who don’t yet have the tools to drink specialty coffee. Here at FLUID, being a beginner is not a disadvantage. Curiosity is the only thing you need!”

Excerpts taken from the FLUID Press release, May 2022