From Van Dyck Roastery to Little Link Cocktail Bar, Cologne is worth checking out

Modbar - 02.26.21

Modbar locations cologne, germany

Van Dyck Roastery, Cologne South

Established in 2010, Van Dyck is one of the most popular coffee roasteries in cologne, Germany. In May 2020 they opened up a new espresso bar in the southern area of the city. The place’s clean lines and bright tones give it a very modern look, that reminds of Japanese and Scandinavian design concepts. The Modbar AV perfectly fits this vibe and finishes the minimalistic and simple composition of the place.

Cora has been working here as a Barista for seven month now. She enjoys working with the Modbar for several reasons: ‘No matter, who enters the place, whether they are young or old, whether they are familiar with the subject or not – everyone is equally impressed by the Modbar. The guests are curious and ask several questions about the functions and the design of the Modbar. They love seeing how their coffees are being made. Many are impressed by the precision and admire the beauty of the process.’ Cora describes that, for her, the Modbar eases the entry to a conversation. There’s no barrier between her and the guest and the fascinating effect the machine has, does the rest. She states that she couldn’t imagine a better job: ‘Especially in times like these, I’m thankful for exchange and having conversations with new people every day.’



Little Link, Cocktail bar, Belgian Quarter, Cologne

When it comes to fancy drinks, “Little Link” clearly is the place to go in cologne. On the menu you’ll find perfected classics as a Negroni as well as an Orange Espresso Martini.
Located in Colognes’s creative Belgian Quarter this is where absolute high-end drinks meet a casual atmosphere. Opened in 2015 by the renowned bar manager Stephan Hinz, “Little Link” was awarded for being the “most innovative bar” in the same year. Further awards were given for “the best bartender” as well as “the best bar team”.

In 2020, Little Link established a take-away window and started selling drinks for take-away. At the same time, they installed their Modbar AV to extend their take-away business and to put a bigger focus on coffee-and the feedback is great!
The Modbar embeds almost naturally in the bar surrounding. It gives the bartenders enough space for creating their drinks and allows them to produce a high-quality espresso at the same time. “Working with the Modbar feels a bit like a ceremony!”, says Stephan. “It’s an experience!”



Little Link kindly told us three of their favourite espresso based drinks:

Orange Espresso Martini

Ingredients: 30 ml Orange-Gin, 40 ml Lillet, 20 ml coffee liquor, 1 cup of espresso

Preparation: Put all ingredients together and shake them with some ice cubes; strain them in a coupette and garnish your drink with some espresso beans.


Coffee Berry Highball

Ingredients: 40 ml white wine, 1 cup of espresso, 10 ml raspberry sirup, 250ml Tonic Water

Preparation: Put all ingredients into a longdrink glass filled with ice cubes and give it a stir. Garnish your drinkwith a lemon cest.


Wake Me Up Old Fashioned

Ingredients: 30 ml riped rum, 30 ml Islay Single Malt Whisky, 2 BL spiced espresso-sirup*, 1 Dash Chocolate Bitters

Preparation: Put all ingredients into container with ice cubes and give it a stir. Strain your drink in a tumbler with ice cubes. Garnish with an orange cest.

*for he spiced espresso-sirup: mix 750ml water with 1kg of sugar, three cups of espresso, five capsules of cardamom, ½ vanilla bean and two table spoons of rosewater. Heat up the mixture until the sugar has fully dissolved and filter it.