Hospitality design agency Grey Matters x Modbar

Modbar - 11.13.23

Jaan by Kirk Westaway @ Swissotel Singapore – Michelin-starred

Greymatters is a global hospitality design agency that seamlessly combines architecture and interiors to create spaces both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. Founded by Alan Barr in Singapore in 2012 they have grown to a team of over 50 professional staff with design studios in 5 countries covering a wide variety of global projects.
We interviewed them as special testimonials for Modbar. Keep reading to learn more…

Why did you choose Modbar?

At our firm, we prioritize design and functionality as the cornerstones of our work. We’ve found that the innovative design and functionality of Modbar machines, coupled with their professional-level technical and after-sales support, are indispensable. These standards are a must-have, as they underpin the trust we’ve earned from our global, high-end hospitality clientele and the success of our brands.

What are the features of Modbar that you like the most?

The space-saving design not only provides our team with the freedom to design each station creatively but also addresses concerns about the workflow behind the counter. Firstly, we think the design itself can bring up interaction and conversation between the baristas and customers, it’s also because of the uninterrupted view around the counter. Second and lastly, those designs are by far unapparelled, and we are so drawn to it.

What kind of clients would you recommend Modbar to?

Most of our clients belong to the luxury hospitality industry, and we firmly believe that Modbar is an ideal fit for each of them. With Modbar’s modular and configurable design, it’s possible to achieve any preferred design theme, whether it leans towards minimalistic or extravagant. Modbar excels in enhancing the overall contemporary appearance of the space, while also providing the flexibility for designers to unleash their creativity and create a dynamic and enjoyable ambiance.

Prego Restaurant @ Fairmont Singapore

What feedback have you received from your clients regarding Modbar?

Our clients have been consistently impressed with the efficiency and flexibility of Modbar. It not only optimizes workspace organization but also adds a ‘wow’ factor to the environment. The combination of its stylish design and captivating brewing process has left a lasting impression, and the standout feature is undoubtedly its appearance. Notably, Modbar will be featured in two of our latest projects: an ultra-luxury hotel property in Vietnam and a lifestyle hospitality brand in Thailand.