Iheart Coffee Roaster – a soulful choice in Nicosia, Cyprus

Modbar - 06.01.21

The idea of the Modbar in this space was chosen for two reasons.

We wanted to design a space that incorporated a coffee tree, our coffee roaster, as well as high end espresso equipment.

Showing people the scope of the entire coffee stream is important to us. It is a good opportunity for people to see agriculture, roasting, and production under the same roof. We basically wanted to create a show room for coffee.


Secondly we chose the Modbar because it makes the coffee making experience intimate. It’s easy for the barista to explain or dialogue about the coffee.  Latte art happens in real time, with a clean, classy look and efficiency. Nothing is hidden, giving the customer a chance to watch the entire process of the coffee being made.

We have two locations in Cyprus both using La Marzocco Linea PB and Modbar as a means to elevate the experience, conversation, comprehension and extraction of coffee on the island.
Our passion as a coffee company is to educate our clients from agriculture to the final product.

I heart coffee roasters has been founded by Tony Sebastian and is located in 
Leoforos Lemessou 79
Nicosia, 2108, Cyprus.