Jazzing to the sound and notes of music & coffee innovation with Kontras2

Modbar - 03.23.21

An essential and mystic café lounge in Seoul, Korea

Brightened up by the Modbar and handmade KB90 espresso machine.

Became the backdrop and stage for renowned Korean jazz band KONTRAS2 who, represented by the incredible performers Minje Sung (Music Director) and JinBae Choi (bassist, composer & educator), impeccably played a Pink-Panther-themed song gifting the audience, both physical and virtual, with a couple minutes of great beats and vibes. It seemed only fitting that this moment filled with “quality notes” and coffee aroma in the air would be contoured by highend espresso equipment, such as theundercounter brewing systems by Modbar, that could further convey that sense of melody and craft, artistry and magic, design and modularity. The experience that resulted from the blend of the two “Maestros”, their musical expertise, the minimal, yet majestic, aesthetics of their surrounding and, last but not least, the caffeinated break that followed… all made for a fun and original story to be shared. 


To learn more about KONTRAS2, read here.