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Modbar - 04.29.20

We’re excited to start a hashtag campaign on Instagram in the hopes of sharing great stories about you. #modbarconnects

Many times, a coffee shop interaction is the first human connection of the day. And those little moments help construct your daily approach, with a great cup of coffee and good conversation.

Who is the barista or client that made an impression on you?

We want to hear about those special connections that were made and stuck in your memory. An interaction that made an impact on you, be it your favorite client moment as a barista, or your favorite barista moment as a coffee shop client.

Modbar is all about dropping the barrier that a traditional espresso machine may make, and opening the counter up for you to enjoy the view and people behind it.

Share your story with #modbarconnects #modbar and enter in a chance to win a Modbar goodie bag for yourself and your favorite barista or client.

The goodie bag is filled with a Modbar tumbler, martini shaker, and some shirts, caps. Hario V60 Brewer, Filters, and a Skerton Pro Hand Grinder. Lastly some delicious beans from Conjure Coffee.

Special thanks to Hario and Conjure Coffee for helping fill our goodie bag.

We are running the contesting starting today, April 29th through May 20th. Winner randomly selected.

*closing entries at 8 am PDT/ 10 am CT / 5 pm CEST on May 20th