Modbar brings curated experiences at World of Coffee, Athens.

Modbar - 06.15.23

Modbar is getting ready to exhibit at World of Coffee Athens as part of the La Marzocco family under Accademia del Caffè Espresso, the multi-purpose hub founded by La Marzocco for the promotion of coffee culture. The event which promises to bring together coffee enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world, is scheduled to take place from June 22nd to June 24th, at the Athens Metropolitan Expo and the booth will be located in Hall 2-J40.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of high-quality coffees from around the world at our renown True Artisan Café showcasing rotating international roasters who will brew coffees on La Marzocco’s favorite machines as well as Modbar.

Guests will also be treated to special experiences on the Modbar including a Mixology Experience by Christos Klouvatos and a Colombian Coffee Tasting by Stefanos Domatiotis (Create). You can read more details below and check the agenda to know exactly what is happening and when.

On the Espresso AV:

Thursday (22/6)

Il 5 Elemento from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Expat. Roasters from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

Fuglen from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Mixology experience with Christos Klouvatos from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Omsom from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

TAF from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

On the Pour-Over:

Thursday (22/6)

Pressco from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Il 5 Elemento from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

The Fix from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Olivo Coffee Culture from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Colombian coffee tasting with Create by Stefanos Domatiotis from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Hug & Punch from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Focus on Mixology experience with Christos Klouvatos:

Christos Klouvatos, award winning barista mixologist from Greece, is the hellenic coffee in good spirits champion.
He says: “ I have been working the past seven years in the specialty coffee industry and the last 4 years experimenting with cocktails and coffee cocktails. My vision is to introduce coffee in fine dining and fine drinking culture, to explore and experiment more in the way we perceive flavor.”

For the occasion he will be making two coffee based cocktails using Modbar espresso AV called: Cherry Delicacy and Summer Irish coffee. Stepping into a Mixology Experience by Christos Klouvatos is like entering a realm where creativity, flavors, and aesthetics blend harmoniously so don’t miss the chance to join the experience!

Focus on Colombian coffee tasting by Stefanos Domatiotis:

Stefanos Domatiotis, World Brewers Cup Champion ’14 and founder of Create, offers an exclusive coffee tasting on the Modbar pour over by bringing selected Colombian coffees.

He has chosen three top-class coffees from Colombia. Stefanos purposely went to Colombia in March 2023 and visited amazing farms to find exceptional coffees to showcase at World of Coffee in Athens.

What’s the reason behind choosing this destination? It has been a fantastic year for Colombia and Colombian coffees in general, and these particular farms (El Vergel, Finca Las Flores, Monteverde) are very close to Stefanos’ heart. They genuinely represent Colombian coffee – beautiful nature, the dreamiest of surroundings, and people with gentle souls and a genuine passion for coffee and continuous improvement.


If you’re planning to attend the World of Coffee event in Athens, be sure to stop by Modbar’s exhibition in Hall 2-J40.
See you there!