New hotspot in Sofia, Bulgaria with DABOV Specialty Coffee

Modbar - 10.30.20

After 12 years in the coffee world, the team of passionate experts who comprise the newly established DABOV Specialty Coffee, know that the only way to a sustainable business which can grow and be successful is that of consistency and commitment towards quality – without compromise.

With this in mind, founder and green coffee hunter, Jordan Dabov, has invested time and energy in sourcing the best coffees from around the world. And yet this was just the beginning.
Resources were then dedicated to finding the best roasters, the optimal conditions to store coffee, the ideal team and an excellent espresso machine –key factors that would make it possible for the end-customers to enjoy all these efforts.

The main showroom is in Sofia, Bulgaria, but soon after opening a new location in another European metropolis – Madrid, Spain – Jordan and the crew have decided to keep evolving and expanding. As a result, they are inaugurating a second showroom and coffee shop in the heart of the Bulgarian capital; a specialty cafè located in an emblematic oldtown place called The Five Corners