Rotating Roasters at HOST Milano with TAC

Modbar - 10.11.21

HOST is also an opportunity for great roasters to come and showcase their coffee, this year we invited 10 of them for the True Artisan Café. A format created by La Marzocco, where roasters rotate daily on the Espresso AV– offering their creations to the public visiting Host Milano. Join us in Padligione/Hall 15, Stand/Booth K53.

Below you will find the program.

Friday, October 22nd from 9.30-14.00

Nomad, from Barcelona, Spain. Helping cultivate a taste for specialty coffee in the Catalan capital. Nomad Coffee’s values and goals remain the same: proximity, respect for the producer, and careful attention to detail throughout the production chain.

Followed by La Musa Nera at 14.00-18.30, La Musa Nera is from Sicily, Italy.  The micro-roastery combines the vision of eco-sustainable processing with the knowledge of tradition by aiming at small on-demand productions of natural and “ethical” artisan coffee, which go beyond the concept of organic.

Saturday, October 23rd at 9.30-12.30 Osorio

The Osorio Family is from Colombia. Born coffee growers, just like their parents. They are committed to culture, traditions and to each of the farmers who live and work on the farm that gave them birth.

In the afternoon from 12.30-15.30 Osorio and Goosebumps will be brewing together.

Then by Goosebump at 15.30-18-30

Goosebumps is from Budapest, Hungry, and have a goal to achieve the highest possible quality in coffee, and common thinking is an essential part of this.

Sunday, October 24th Three Marks at 15.30-18.30

They are based in Barcelona, Spain. Their goal is to understand the needs of their customers, establish long-term relationships and grow together.

Followed by Brklyn, at 12.30-15.40

They are also from Barcelona, Spain. They are all about innovation and are a dynamic small company, who isn’t happy with staying in a comfort zone.

Later 15.30-18.30 Da Matteo

Da Matteo come from Gothenburg, Swedon. They aim to exceed your expectations as a guest when it comes to flavor, experience, and service.

Monday, October 25th Hola at 9.30-14.00

Hola is from Madrid, Spain. “Goodbye to working for others. Goodbye to the fear of flying alone and opening a small roaster to experiment and make a coffee to go (even more) crazy. Goodbye to conformity. To the vertigo of going into debt to open a small cafeteria, and another, and a workshop. Goodbye to the easy life. Goodbye to lost youth. Goodbye to bad 1 € coffee and cramps. Hello Coffee.”

Then El Mundo at 14.00-18.30

El Mundo is from Lubon, Polan and is over 60 years old. It serves great Eastern Europe and includes Caffe Italmoka, Cafe Aba Parma, Caffe Nuova Pedros, and Caffe Frigerioall. They are all Italian roasteries.

Tuesday, October 26 Nudo, at 9.30-14.00

They are based in Rome, Italy.

Then La Cabra at 14.00-18.30

La Cabra is from Aarhus, Denmark. Today La Cabra is a widely recognized and sought-after coffee roaster, and are proud to be working with many valued and quality-driven wholesale partners to create bright and transparent coffee experiences in cities across the globe.

Explore new aromas, and learn more about each Modbar product. Our team can’t wait to meet you, October 22-26th, located at Fiera Milano.