Small Victory’s custom coffee modbar av tap

Modbar - 04.29.22

Small Victory has three locations in British Columbia, Canada. Serving up delicious baked goods and coffee, they aim to wake the community up with homemade bread and fantastic brew. The beautiful Small Victory location in Brentwood, Burnaby, British Columbia has a stunning custom Modbar.

They worked with a local metal fabrication studio named New Format Studio, creating all the metalwork in the Small Victory locations.

For the Modbar, they reverse electroplated the castings to remove the chrome finish, exposing the brass substrate. After cleaning the unit, they applied a custom finish/patina to the brass castings by using spent coffee grounds from the cafe to create the speckled finish that you see on both the Modbar modules, as well as the counter.

The result is a beautiful coffee sculptural feature – putting Modbar front and center. A truly stunning piece of art.

Special thanks to the Stealth team.