Spotlight on Elevator Lift Up My Mood in Kaliningrad Russia

Modbar - 10.15.21

Alongside the Baltic Coast lies a city called Kaliningrad, with a coffee shop named “Elevator Lift Up Your Mood” and the owner wants to do just that, put a smile on your face with a cup of coffee.

Team member Elvin Rzaev recalled, “When we were imagining the space, we wanted the customer to see that first trickle of coffee, those first drops, a kind of “spying on the process” and getting an inside look. The Modbar was exactly that to us.”  

They call the shop a cultural coffee house, a place to come and meet the team, explore the roasting process and brewing process.

They chose a location outside the city for that, to have a larger place for a roastery, coffee shop, and barista training center. Creating a hub for the local community, and a place of comfort.

“We chose Modbar for its focus on people, its transparency, and openness. Our aim is to provide that openness with our customers, a place or reassurance and warmth”.

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