Spotlight on What’s On Tap in Mont Kiara Malaysia

Modbar - 12.03.21

What’s On Tap (WOT) opened its door in 2019 in Mont Kiara, Malaysia. Mont Kiara is a centrally located affluent township located within Kuala Lumpur city. It is an expat-oriented suburb that mainly houses residential condominiums, office complexes, and international schools. Andrew, founder of What’s On Tap recounts his coffee shop:

WOT has an eyecatching 27-foot long coffee counter in a spacious 1,000 square-foot space.

WOT strives to give customers an immersive experience by engaging their five senses. The visually eye-catching open concept aims to showcase the coffee-making process. Modbar plays a big role in breaking down the barrier between customers and baristas allowing them to see the meticulous process of coffee preparation.

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee floats aromatically in the background, awakening the sense of smell. The sight and sounds of coffee being roasted at the front of the store in the German-built Neuhaus Neotec air roaster make a unique scene. Traditionally coffee roasting is often done behind the scenes and is rarely set up in a commercial setting where customers can see the process up close.

The flow of the cafe has been thought out fastidiously, incorporating the Modbar. From the placement of the POS (Point Of Sales) to where and how the coffee will be sent out.

Modbar has given the flexibility for us to once again break the barrier as the freshly brewed cup of coffee can be handed straight to customers in between the Modbar. The cafe has no doors or obstructions to the entrances, so customers can move in freely and conveniently, even with both their hands full with drinks. Lighting in the entire shop is diligently installed to stimulate the brightness of the outdoors, bringing a soothing naturalness without looking sterile and stark.

What makes What’s On Tap special is our commitment to engaging with our customers. Speedy service, while upholding the world coffee standards. WOT thrives on a range of equipment to measure and uphold the quality of its coffee, data is logged for every batch of coffee roasted. All equipment is calibrated to bring out the best in each coffee, utilizing not just our palate through tasting, we utilize equipment to sieve through coffee. Creating optimal grind size for extraction, we test the extracted coffee for its TDS (Total Dissolved Solubles) to ensure each cup of coffee is World Specialty Coffee Standard.

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