The story of Oma Coffee in Barcelona, Spain

Modbar - 03.23.21

Oma Coffee is the outcome of a 7-year-long journey of hard work.

Trying things, doing mistakes, experimenting and learning everything (as possible) about specialty coffee. We took a step back in terms of the dimension, structure and complexity of our current restaurant, Oma Bistró, but, at the same time, lifted the bar in terms of quality, commitment and concentration towards one sole thing: SPECIALTY COFFEE.

We developed a “no barrier coffee” concept that could showcase every step along coffee preparation within an engaging, open space in which to enhance the customers’ experiences and bring them as close to the product as possible, so that they can learn more about this drink which we honor and are very passionate about.

We have place within our location a long bar counter where our guests could see how we treat the water, how we grind, weigh, tamp, and roast the coffee beans. Baristas here are well educated and trained and so there is no room here for mistakes. We are engaged in our quality quest and operate in the most professional manner: we have to be clean, sharp and precise while our clients can watch, talk and ask anything about the different coffee origins we offer and display through the hoppers.

The choice for Modbar stems from the fact that it forms the ideal coffee machine to unveil a modular and deconstructed, yet highly performing, brewing technology, while making the perfect pedagogic-type machine that attracts people who are curious, sociable, design-savvy, fond and attentive to exceptional coffee and authentic style.

Our leadership team consists of 3 unique minds, with 3 different ways of thinking, yet with specialty coffee as a common interest.