The Trieste, Italy Modbar Office

Modbar - 09.27.21

Modbar has found its office and we welcome you to come and visit us.

In the city called by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the best cities in the world, Trieste, Italy. Located in the northeast corner of Italy, the “città di confine” is a seafront medieval majestic place with cultural and historical Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences, boarding Slovenia. Its breezy plazas, fresh seafood, and historic cafés are amongst the reasons why we chose it for our office.

In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was the port for coffee. Today, it has green coffee traders, roasters big and small, and both contemporary and historic coffee influences all around.

A short walk from the historical main square you’ll find the Copernico Riva Gulli area, there inside a co-working building where connections and start-ups flourish (Coperni has interconnected workspaces all around Italy and is part of the Regus network) is the Modbar office.

Our office has a cozy functional layout and features our product line and the new Wally Milk steamer. Chat with our team and get to know the Modbar next time you’re in the neighborhood.

By appointment only.